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Subway Athlete of the Week

Subway Athlete of the Week

Subway Athlete of the Week

Week of 4-21-14
Student Full Name: Austin Hutchins
School: Tri County North High School
Mascot: Panthers
Sport: Baseball 
Grade: Senior

Week of 4-14-14
Student Full Name: Emilee Utz
School: Fairmont High School
Mascot: Firebirds
Sport: Softball
Grade: Senior

Week of 4-7-14
Student Full Name: Kendall Pegues
School: Chaminade Julienne
Mascot: Eagles
Sport: Soccer/Track
Grade: Senior

Week of 3-31-14
Student Full Name: Evan Adkins
School: Xenia High School
Mascot: Buccaneers
Sport: Bowling
Grade: Freshmen

Week of 3-24-2014
Students Full Name: Xander Smart
School: Carroll High School
Mascot: Patriots
Sport: Basketball
Grade: Senior

Week of 3-17-2014
Students Full Name: Bart Ames
School: Belmont High School
Mascot: Bisons
Sport: Basketball
Grade: Senior

Week of 3-10-2014
Students Full Name: Jordan Smith
School: Dunbar High School
Mascot: Wolverines
Sport: Basketball
Grade: Senior

Week of 3-3-2014
Students Full Name: Devin Nye
School: Springfield High School
Mascot: Wildcats
Sport: Wrestling
Grade: Senior


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